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DECLARATION March 18, 2013













We, the people of the arts and letters, publicly proclaim the violation of the fundamental rights of the peoples of the South, by
alienated institutions of the European governments of the North,
that cause,
with strategic directives,
the psychological, moral and spiritual decadence of man
and of human European societies.

The personal degradation of values becomes a social and economic misery,
like a destructive momentum develops an infestis signis (face on) of the whole social group, something that holds for the opposite,
when the economic and social misery causes scorn of the institutions and a decline of values.


denounce as “hubris”:

1. degradation of values in European societies, which lead from the economic to the spiritual poverty of man himself, not only of the peoples of the South but of the North as well, particularly when institutions bankrupt of values lead, supervise and direct the bankruptcy in the relationships between systems or the whole European social cluster

2. the coercive approaches to tackle the crisis of economies by the Euro-group, that shift the focus away from the principle of solidarity to a crisis of values in the whole European establishment

3. the brutal logic of accountants who violate human rights, with illegal haircuts of EU guaranteed deposits, something that touches purposively bankrupt economies of small countries like Cyprus, but also the bankruptcy of moral rules and values of the entire European family

4. the degradation of acquired European values, which lead to spiritual poverty and the subjugation of free thinking people

5. the targeted, purposive destruction of the self-sufficiency of the banking systems of small countries of the South, causing with illegal haircuts the chaotic situation in societies, aiming to move funds from the South to the North

6 arbitrariness in decisions or pressing directives in states such as the Cyprus Republic, which conflict with the fundamental principles of the European Union, with the fundamental human rights listed in the Charter of the Council of Europe, the Lisbon Treaty but also the constitutional provisions of Member States
We call on the world of arts and literature to endorse the Manifesto of March 18, with self-creating (αυτοποιητική) but also co-creation (συν-ποιητική ) to raise its voice, striking with the whip of speech and art the revilers of principles of the European Union, opening finally doors of dignity to European Civilisation.

The voice of our protest, passes through each square of every European city of the protesting South but of the artists and writers of the North too, to urge the excommunicated relative to pass through the symbolic world of subjugation and become a symbol of spiritual revolt of the oppressed, in order to restore its dignity.

Dr. Kristis Harakis,
President of the Literary Society of Limassol: “Vassilis Michaelides”

The proposal is endorsed as a Declaration today the 20 March 2013, by a unanimous decision of the Board of the council of the Literary Society of “ Vassilis Michaelides”

Kristis Harakis (President)
Tassos Aristotle (Vice President)
George Petousis (Secretary)
Iphigenia Metochi (Treasurer)
Maria Peratikou- Kokaraki.
Andri Christofidou-Antoniadou,
Peter Porakos (Members)
The proposal was endorsed today 20 March 2013 as a Declaration, by a unanimous decision of the Board of the Association of Cyprus Playwrights

Despo Konizou-Loizou (Chairman)

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